Food&Wine Experience

Food and Wine Tours – Flavors and traditions of Salento

The routes of gastronomy in the Salento are endless and SeaLovers wants to follow them with their guests, in the form of tasting but also cooking lessons. A convivial moment in which everyone will learn the secrets of healthy and tasty recipes … the best souvenir to bring back to their cities.

Visit to the Cellars of Salento: discovering the best wines of the area! What is good food without the exquisite nectar of the Gods combined? The Salento SeaLovers will accompany guests through the flavors and aromas of their products through tastings of the best wines that the area can offer. The most prestigious cellars of Salento chosen for you for a food and wine experience not to be missed on your beach holiday.

Starting from the products of the earth up to the culinary elaborations of expert hands, everything here is a triumph of taste and flavor. What makes food unique is the heritage of agricultural biodiversity, which means that our products can be enjoyed here and nowhere else in the world.

On the menu of specialties there are many wines to taste and extra virgin olive oil olive , the real gold of this land, to be savored only , with bread, for the purity of its flavor.

Impossible not to mention the precious wheat “Senatore Cappelli” which boasts a history of non-manipulated genealogical selection, and today a model in terms of typicality and quality. From here you get typical products such as frize , bread with sourdough and the tasty homemade pasta ( sagne ‘ncannulate , orecchiette and minchiareddhi ).

What about the dessert list? The pasticciotto is the best awakening at breakfast. Every festivity has its taste, from almond paste to mustazzoli that is biscuits made with almonds, cocoa and various aromas including cinnamon, coated with a chocolate glaze: a wind of the east in a guise local.

All this is offered by Sealovers in unique locations such as the ancient Pajare and Trulli, outside the mass circuits where the history of the people and ancient traditions still pulsates